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Sites about roleplaying games, Magic: The gathering and MUDing.
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Roleplaying Games
  • ROARING - Ring Of Australian RoleplayING
    A ring of sites about Australian roleplaying conventions, clubs and large campaigns. And also sites with Australia specific roleplaying information.

  • Necronomicon
    A Sydney role playing event. Run each year on the October Long Weekend at Newtown High School of the Performing Arts.

  • Clandestyne
    An Australian Freeform campaign based and set in Sydney using the Storyteller system.

Magic:The Gathering

MUDs (Multi User Dungeon/Dimension)
  • Darkwind's home page
    A fantasy lpmud. Social if you want, or just be a power gamer.
    Optional PK if it's something you enjoy.
    Connect via: port:3000

    Information about my character on the mud Darkwind, as well as a collection of information for players about the Garou guild and other useful things.

  • The MUD Connector
    An extensive searchable up to date mudlist.

  • MUDs @ Lysator
    A colection of useful & funny items. Do read "Warning MUD is dangerous!" :)

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