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Auspice info for Garou of Darkwind
arctic wolf

This information is for the Garou guild of the MUD Darkwind.
Original text by Reason, converted to HTML by Tarot
When the moons are in the sky all this info can be gotten for the top of Sleeping wolf rock, I just thought it might be easier to read in this format.

To get to the top of the rock from the old man go e,s,2w,s,w,n, continue northward & upward, then climb to the top of Sleeping wolf rock.
Luna whispers to you:
The Garou have long held my grace and drawn <POWER> from my light. With each of my three <VISAGES>, the power is changed but not diminished. An auspice is the combination of visage and <PHASE> which best suits the spirit of a Garou. It determines ones roles in Garou society and influences ones personality and tendencies. I can show you the auspice <PATTERN> if you wish.
When you are ready, simply 'choose <visage> <phase>'.

Luna asserts:
Whether waxing or waning, your auspice will grant a boon for each visage. Masule for Dailos, Eurus for Tekal, and increased healing for Markas. Beyond this, when one's visage is matched by the choosen phase, the transformation from human comes without effort.

Luna glows and knowledge fills your eyes:
Each moon in the sky is one visage of my being. The magenta moon, <DAILOS>, is the maiden of my spirit. The red moon is <MARKAS> the mother, strong and just. Last is <TEKAL> the green crone, oldest and wisest. Each Garou can choose one moon to guide her path and destiny.

Luna's musical voice fills your mind:
There are four phases, dividing my <VISAGES> like the seasons. My glorius <FULL>, my celestial <WAXING>, my secretive <WANING>, and my hidden <NEW>. Each phase represents a life path, or role of the choosen Garou.

Luna hmms softly and a pattern of knowledge fills you mind:
Phase Dailos-chaos (magenta) Markas-balance (red) Tekal-wisdom (green)
New Beo (trickster) Cial (seeker) Fascaich (hermit)
Waning Saob (heretic) Tegais (teacher) Taliad (seer)
Waxing Dansair (artist) Onsach (smith) Thoir (judge)
Full Curaid (berserker) Fennid (hero) Milih (chief)
Luna roars:
Glorious in its power, my full face shines with the valor and courage of the warrior. All Garou can feels it strength as all Garou are truly warriors. Through my three <VISAGES> follow the <CURAID> berserkers, the heroic <FENNID>, and the leading <MILIH>.

Luna speaks:
To create, to form, to record. As my light waxes, new wonders are created and past events remembered. The Garou crafters, whether artistic <DANSAIR>, skilled <ONSACH>, or watching <THOIR> gain power from this most fertile light.

Luna sings:
My waning light is filled with deep knowledge and spiritual energy. It guides the way for the <TALIAD> seers, the instructing <TEGAIS>, and even the <SAOB> heretics. Though often the way to natural Eurus, it can also lead to other truths.

Luna whispers:
Dark and silent, when my face is hidden it touches only the outcast of the Garou. For the trickster <BEO>, the searching <CIALL>, and the <FASAICH> hermit, the new moon is far more than a time of ill omen.
Luna giggles:
Dailos is the eternal maiden. Eager and mischievous, she is filled with an exuberance of life and boundless energy. Good or bad, her emotions have no bounds and range from vigorious mirth to selfish madness. Too free for many, her followers are the foolish <BEO>, the dissenting <SAOB>, the creative <DANSAIR>, and the savage <CURAID>.

Beo (new)
Luna raps:
The wild Beo are often considered insane by other Garou. They embrace the path of chaos, breaking traditions, and acting as self-appointed tricksters. Though sometimes honorless and usually foolish, they bring laughter to our ofter too serious struggle.

Saob (waning)
Luna sings:
The Saob are another wild lot. Seekers of new ways, gathers of knowledge and myth, they range from powerful mystics to rich city dwellers. Wanting to find their own answers, the Saob sometimes go beyond the natural ways and into darkness.

Luna purrs:
The Dansair are the artists, poets, and of course the dancers of the Garou. They have almost complete freedom in what they create, and create they do. Thought the Dansair embrace the chaotic Dailos, most still follow the tradition of honoring the past.

Curaid (full)
Luna shouts:
The Curaid is a berserker. Savage and deeply feral, they live to fight and to kill. Death is not a fear for these wild warriors. For the Curaid, the fight for Gaea is waged through slashing teeth and the glory of blood.
A faint halo forms around Luna as she speaks:
Markas, the mother and closest to Gaea, is the favored moon of the Garou. Balancing will and honor, strength and thought, and lasting justice, her path promises both success and survival. The children of Markas are the scouting <CIALL>, the <TEGAIS> scholars, the crafting <ONSACH>, and the honorable <FENNID>.

Ciall (new)
Luna chants:
These moonless Garou are rarely in packs, but have still found a useful role in Garou society. Acting as scouts and explores, the Cialls wandering the world searching for and alerting the packs to new dangers and challenges.

Tegais (waning)
Luna instructs:
A Tegais takes on the difficult and honered role of the teacher. From instructing young Garou in the ways to spreading new knowledge to the packs, the Tegais must be both scholar and guardian. For them, the waxing light of my visage must never fail.

Onsach (waxing)
Luna chants in a strong rhythm:
The Onsach are the skilled crafters. From smiths and architects to jewlers and tanners, these honored Garou build for and supply the needs of the packs. They do so with a unique Garou style that both mimics and enhances the natural forms without damaging waste.

Fennid (full)
Luna sings:
The Fennid are the warriors and heros of the Garou. They protect the sacred forests and search out the foes of nature. Both solo adventurer and pack follower, a Fennid balances feral strength with the need for cunning.
Luna murmurs:
Tekas the crone is the moon of wisdom and final understanding. With a calmness Dailos could never attain, her light illuminates the pattern behind all things and all times. With this knowledge, her chosen <FASAICH>, learned <TALIAD>, remembering <THOIR>, and royal <MILIH>, find the resolve to embrace the Garou destiny.

Luna continues:
From this wisdom, the followers of Tekal can gain honor for their pack faster than others.

Fasaich (new)
Luna moans:
Those of the dark wisdom are often the most reclusive of the Garou. Living in the remote forest, a Fasaich both hunts and sings alone. Rarely speaking out, their thoughts and path are a mystery to others. Though this deep solitute, a Fasaich sometimes forms the deepest bonds with earth and sky.

Taliad (waning)
Luna sings in a strong voice:
Most of the great Garou shamans are Taliad. These Garou focus on the spiritual path of Gaia and strive to master all of the inner Eurus powers. By study of complex rituals and the constant pursuit of wisdom, the Taliad seek the highest form of Gaea's balance.

Thoir (waxing)
Luna recounts:
The Thoir are both judges and historians for the Garou. They record the great events as they occur and remember the chronicles of the past. With their knowledge of Garou law and traditions, a thoir is well suited for counsel on disbutes and chief descisions.

Milih (full)
Luna announces:
The Milih are the natural leaders of the Garou usually leading many but sometimes only themselves. While they often take the role of war chief, they just as often strive for the wisdom of peace. Fiercely protective of their people, a true Milih guides the way rather than dominates.
Sample usage:

> choose dailos, waning
You choose your auspice and define your destiny!

Your moon glows brightly like a hole in the sky, pulsing in a hue that is beyond description. Moonlight falls like mystic spears, lighting the forest like a catherdral. A beautiful glows surrounds you and bask in its awesome light.

Luna beams: Your choice may be wiser than you think.
Tarot is surrounded in a halo of moonlight.

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